Over dit project

Opdrachtgever: Government

Datum: Mei 2016

Type event: Professional Congress Organization (PCO), Destination Management (DMC)

Doel van het event: General Assembly

Locatie: Eindhoven

Duur: 2 dagen

Aantal gasten: 450

BEB organiseerde: registratie- and uitnodigings traject, transfers, hotel bookings, techniek, stage mangement, styling & decoratie, catering, draaiboek & communicatie, event consulting voor sociale programma’s, dinners en transfers


We would like to thank you for your hard work during the event.  We are very impressed with the final result of the General Assembly: it was great! Thank you also for your willingness during the preparation, for taking care of every detail and for making it easy the running of such a big event . Working with you has been a very good experience!

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